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Karras Furniture
Karras Andreas
Thasos, Kavala, Komotini, Aleksandroupoli

If you want handmade furniture at the most competitive prices on the market ... then you are in the right place! Home Furnishings for a home as much as you!
Our craftsmanship has been in the furniture industry with a lot of dedication for many years, with love and mercy in the art of wood. Two-generation cabinets providing furniture of unbeatable quality and modern style.
Now the furniture ceases to be part of an impersonal space and transforms your home into an atmospheric shelter of high aesthetics and functionality.
Unique furnishing suggestions are provided by a dedicated staff that guarantees your immediate and friendly service.
Even after the furniture is delivered, we are next to you for any questions and solutions to any issue.
In addition, your contribution to both the design and the manufacture of our furniture helps to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding customers, thus giving you your personal stamp with a huge range of materials and colors

It is active in carpentry, kitchen furniture, special constructions and is all handmade. We manufacture modern designs and classics. We renew your space, private and professional. The company has its products in a vertical organization, offering study and project management. Know-how, experience with high levels of service and installation by qualified personnel.
In our premises are built up wardrobes, sliding, modern and functional. We specialize in kitchen furniture and special constructions. Wooden cabinets for exterior and interior (mezzanine) bathroom furniture, bedroom furniture and all wood linings custom made furniture. We come to your place and we offer solutions that are both economic and functional. In the interior doors, classic and modern doors, KARRAS ANDREAS provides complete, integrated and flexible solutions for all types of construction.
Thank you for your confidence that this is a guarantee for our work.

Skala Kalirachis, Thasos 64010 / Kavalas
Phone: 2593091123
Cell: 6948835583